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Richard Baker announces the launch of their new ‘Lansdowne Kitchen,’ designed to be the best specification kitchen on the market.
Richard explains...
"Too often kitchens are over-designed, less is more. We design stunning kitchens for today and tomorrow. Beautiful homes require a timeless classic."
We have included some very special features which include 25mm thick doors, real wood veneered interiors, bevel skirting and bead detail below the worktops. The decorative 120mm cornice gives a hint of grandeur and is suitable for spaces with high ceilings. We have included invisible magnetic closers to all of the doors and the drawers are naturally soft self-closing.
We have selected chrome butt style hinges, a perfect accompaniment to the bevel framed doors. The use of antique glass as a splash back makes The Lansdowne a truly stunning kitchen. The Lansdowne is on display at Wimbledon Studios.
от 30.000 p.
Chalon были основаны в 1978 году, как ремесленное производство. Стиль, классический и элегантный - скорее в духе английского загородного дома, рубеж 18-го и 19-го века с явными веяниями из Франции, Скандинавии и Ирландии.

от 20.000 p.